Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cooing & Rolling

In the last month Nolan has become quite the "coo-er". He's constantly "talking" to himself and mommy and daddy.  He's also constantly mouthing this toy - his new favorite!


He's also started rolling from front to back!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Smarty Pants

So of course since mommy does this for a living, we have been signing with Nolan from pretty early on.  He is still really young to sign back consistently or to initiate, but he has started to obsessionally imitate when I sign "change" (as in diaper change).  We got it on video and are super proud of our smarty pants little guy.  I can't wait until his signing really takes off!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

4 months

So I realize a full month has gone by since I posted.  Sorry!  Things have definitely been crazy and now that Nolan is older he's napping less meaning less time for mommy to do things like blog  ;)

Nolan is now 14lbs, 11oz and 27" long.  He's in the 97th%ile for height and is as long as the average 7.5 month old!!  Holy Moly!  No wonder this babe kicked his way out a month early, ha!  The last month has brought us many joys as a family as Nolan is growing into much more of a little boy and less of an infant.  He's now rolling from his tummy to his back - this is his favorite new trick as it gets him out of much disliked tummy time.  He's grabbing at toys and putting everything into his mouth.  He copied mommy signing for the first time (video to come in the next post).  He's also quite verbal, cooing and having very serious conversations with himself and he's laughing now too.  It's super cute!

With the good have come tough times too.  We are STILL dealing with allergy issues, projectile vomiting sometimes as many as 20x/day, waking every 3 hours to eat all through the night and just a pretty uncomfortable and fussy baby.  I'm going to spare all the details for now as things are constantly changing, but good vibes and prayers are appreciated for us through this time for sure. We head back to the GI on Tuesday so hoping for more info/help then.

Here are a few pics from this month.  I've taken a handful of videos too that I'll try to post over the next week or so!