Saturday, May 23, 2009

Say it ain't SEW...

Yes, it is SO! I have started sewing!! I'm so excited about this new endeavor much to the surprise of many of you (mammaw exclaimed "wow! I guess you're just a late bloomer!"). I had been talking with Steve about buying a machine for awhile, but finally caved and bought a brand new Brother machine from Costco when they put out a mega coupon. So far it's a good little machine!

I wanted to start sewing for lots of reasons. 1) fun 2) to make beautiful things! 3) to make more responsible choices about buying "new" 4) to give handmade, one of a kind, from the heart gifts. So far so good! It's not to say that sewing has been without frustration. I've ripped out more seams than I care to think about but I have made a few cute things and that's been really satisfying! And I never knew how many fabulously beautiful fabrics were out there - I can hardly bear to cut into them! Here are a few of the things I've made so far. I plan to post pictures as I create. Hope you like!

Tag Baby Blanket

Wrap Skirt

yes I know the pic is crooked - Steve was being "artistic" =)

cute little basket for notions
(I took the picture outside for better light)

And this is the fabulous set of fabric I got yesterday - I've got something fun planned for this!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend at the Coast

Align Right
This past weekend we got a much needed mini vacation and headed to Angie & Case's family vacation house at the beach. Case & Steve have been working together for several years now and the Farnands have become dear friends to us here in Portland!

We had a lovely time visiting with them, their daughter Morgan - the cutest almost 2 year old ever - (she is now saying my name which thrills me ;) "is tee na" could be heard throughout the house all weekend!) and our friends Jesse and Michelle. We cracked fresh crab, walked through town, played games and just had a relaxing time together.

We also all brought our dogs which was an adventure. We woke up to a beautiful day Sunday so we walked the dogs down to the beach. It was so wonderful to see Parker sprint across the sand uninhibited! He ran, and ran, and ran with no target in sight! Just running to run. (he also stopped to smell everything and greet everyone on the beach with a sandy jump of course!)

Thanks so much friends for a fabulous weekend!

Morgan, Me, Angie

Me & Steve

Jesse, Michelle, Kuma