Saturday, May 23, 2009

Say it ain't SEW...

Yes, it is SO! I have started sewing!! I'm so excited about this new endeavor much to the surprise of many of you (mammaw exclaimed "wow! I guess you're just a late bloomer!"). I had been talking with Steve about buying a machine for awhile, but finally caved and bought a brand new Brother machine from Costco when they put out a mega coupon. So far it's a good little machine!

I wanted to start sewing for lots of reasons. 1) fun 2) to make beautiful things! 3) to make more responsible choices about buying "new" 4) to give handmade, one of a kind, from the heart gifts. So far so good! It's not to say that sewing has been without frustration. I've ripped out more seams than I care to think about but I have made a few cute things and that's been really satisfying! And I never knew how many fabulously beautiful fabrics were out there - I can hardly bear to cut into them! Here are a few of the things I've made so far. I plan to post pictures as I create. Hope you like!

Tag Baby Blanket

Wrap Skirt

yes I know the pic is crooked - Steve was being "artistic" =)

cute little basket for notions
(I took the picture outside for better light)

And this is the fabulous set of fabric I got yesterday - I've got something fun planned for this!

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