Sunday, March 18, 2012


Hooray!!  Late yesterday evening Nolan decided he would finally take his first steps.  It was so, so cool to see.  I'm so proud of my big boy and really excited about this milestone but also a little sad about this new independence.  I don't have time to write much more, but I'll include a few videos of his first steps so you can see it first hand  :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

More Feb/March News

A quick little update on what's new with us and Nolan...

I can't believe we have a 16 month old little boy!!   It's surreal and so much fun.  He's growing like a weed and was 34 inches long at his last appointment (still 99th percentile, so taller than 99% of kids his age!!) He's not walking by himself yet so he's definitely a late walker, but the pediatrician isn't worried since he cruises so well and is starting to take some steps.  I guess tall kiddos tend to walk late because there is a lot of them to lug around, ha!  He's so, so close though and I'm not sure I'm ready.  I have a feeling our lives are going to get a lot crazier when he starts walking!!

*** NOTE: I started writing this post a few days ago and Nolan has taken his first steps now!!  Oh my!  I'll do another post with a few videos of him walking after I finish this one. ***

He's becoming really expressive and is trying to say new words every day.  He is signing a TON!  He's using about 50 signs now and adding new ones weekly.  It is honestly amazing.  Through signs he can tell us what he needs ("up please, milk, food, help, bed, thank you, water, all done, etc") but also what he's interested in and sees out and about in his world ("music, play, dog, cat, fish, bubbles, trees, baby, car, hat, ") I cannot even imagine our lives without sign language.  I know I'm biased ;-) but I just feel like we are so in tune with what he needs, wants and likes and Steve and I both feel like our relationships  are so deep because of that communication.  I'm sure we've avoided many, many tantrums thanks to our ease of communication.  Of course that doesn't mean he never has tantrums...quite the opposite...we have definitely entered the toddler phase and if I tell him "no" or take a toy away his little heart is just broken.   Melt downs are a fairly frequent occurrence these days!  

Here are some videos of him at 14 months showing some of his signs:

Steve and I are doing well.  Steve is working hard and keeping long hours as always.  I'm working a lot too.  Thankfully my business is doing well and I've been out teaching 4-5 mornings a week.  I'm really thankful for my schedule and being able to do the majority of my work from home.  Now that Nolan is older I've been able to take him to more classes with me which has been fun too.  

We enjoyed a trip from my parents in February.  It was so nice to have them here!  We just did every day things like cooking, running errands and what not, but it was soooo nice to have their company and help!

And with that, here are some of my favorite photos from February!

mmm!  spaghetti is SO good it requires TWO spoons!
toddler meal time is turning out to be a lot messier than I had hoped.... ;)

check it out...I can SEE you through my oatmeal bowl!!!  Cool!

taking Elmo for a ride

at the Children's Museum playing with a giant Light Bright

with Nana & Grandpa

looking for fishies

splashing in the water, YAY!

Nolan LOVES splashing in water, SO excited!

sign language for "WATER"

hmmm, now he's all wet and isn't sure what he thinks about that!

let's get Messy!!!