Tuesday, May 31, 2011

go see the video

Hi all,
I keep forgetting to mention when I have videos in myposts.  If you read the last post "A conversation with Nolan at 6.5 mos" only in your email, it looks blank but there is a video.  To view videos, you have to go TO the blog: http://stinas-place.blogspot.com/
Enjoy  :)

A conversation with Nolan at 6.5 mos

Oh my, this sweet little boy is sure turning out to be a happy little guy!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 2011 and 6 Months Old!

Our little boy is now 6 months old and we can hardly believe it.  It's such a fun time!!  He's showing so much personality and filling us with joy daily! 

These days Nolan is moving around a lot more.  He's a little rolley polley!  Actually - not such a little one...he's a big boy!  We go to the pediatrician this Friday for his check up, but we are estimating him to be about 18.5 pounds already.  It's a workout carrying this baby around for sure. 

May has brought us a lot of fun as a family.  My first Mother's Day was wonderful.  I'm so thankful to have Steve for my husband.  He is the best partner and friend.  He made sure the whole weekend was perfect (even giving me a whole night of sleep).  We enjoyed time out together, he bought my favorite sweets, a mother's day cake and he took me to paint handprint and footprint tiles with Nolan.  Here we are posing with my Mother's Day cake and painting Nolan's feet for the tiles.

Shortly after Mother's Day we started Nolan on solid food.  We are having to be really careful with his allergies, so it's slow going - one food at a time for about a week and starting low on the allergen list.  So far we've been able to give him rice cereal, pears and prunes.  He LOVES eating!!  It's like this kid was born to eat.  The first time we gave him the cereal he was grabbing for the spoon and diving at it mouth wide open, ha!  Here is a picture of him in pure bliss eating prunes. 


Then last weekend, we took our first family "vacation" just the three of us. Steve, Nolan and I drove up to Seattle for the weekend and had such a great time.  It's really, really different traveling with a baby.  Of course I'm a planner and packed just about everything we could possibly need, but all turned out fine and we had beautiful, sunny weather to boot.  We spent the day exploring Seattle's waterfront and walked from restaurant to restaurant sampling chowder for Seattle's annual chowder cook-off.  Nolan took in the sights and snuggled and slept in the carrier when he was tired.  In our pre-baby days Steve and I would have headed out for live music and drinks in the evening, but instead we sat in the hotel lobby overlooking the sound and played cribbage and entertained our babe.  It was a great and much needed family trip.  Here are some photos from our weekend.

look at that sky!!

We were there for the annual tugboat races too!


WI represent in the Pac NW!

and finally no visit to Seattle is complete without a visit to the market!

We've had a wonderful spring and are so looking forward to our summer adventures as a family!