Monday, July 25, 2011

Catching up on 7 months and June

On June 13th, Nolan was officially 7 months old.  

His 7th month brought us many fun times.  This little boy who had such an uncomfortable, sick and grumpy start to life is turning out to be one happy, funny little man.  It's so fun to see his personality coming through - even his first tantrums, ha!  I never knew that babies so young could scream and kick when they have a toy (or my cell phone!) taken away.  Well, I'm glad he's communicating  ;)

We took Nolan for his first zoo trip in June.  It was a fantastic and beautiful day!

relaxing after a picnic lunch at the zoo

 checking out the lorakeets with mommy

being eaten by a lion
looks like he's thinking "silly daddy! babies don't go in lion's mouths!"

We also graduated from our mom's group in June.  Babies are supposed to graduate when they turn 6 months old, but since Nolan was a month premature, we got to continue in group until his due date/his adjusted age was 6 months.  Mom's group was instrumental for us.  We met each week for a few hours in a group facilitated by a postpartum doula.  It was so, so wonderful to meet such amazing women and come together to support one another through this incredible and surreal time of just entering into motherhood.  Many tears and many laughs were shared in group and now a smaller group of us will continue to meet regularly for support, friendship and to let our babies play and socialize.  Here we are with our mom's group friends Angela and baby Owen who graduated on the same day.  

At the end of Nolan's 6 month (beginning of 7th) he *finally* graduated from his swaddle!!  Hooray, freedom!!
For Steve's First Father's Day we made this cute card and got him a backpack hiking carrier (since Steve loves to hike) and then we went hiking as a family.  Little guy loved it!

And June brought more adventures with food as well.  For the most part, Nolan really likes to eat, but he was NOT a fan of avocado!  
At first he was a little sad about the avocado...
 but then he got a little mad about the avocado, ha ha!

Looks like we'll stick with sweet potatoes!

Good Morning Surprise

This is how I found Nolan in his crib this morning...sitting and pulling on the bars! 

He has been able to sit up by himself for awhile now if I put him in that position, but he has never moved from laying or crawling up into sitting all by himself.  Guess it's time to lower the crib all the way.  Little guy will be pulling up and cruising soon!   I know it's a small milestone, but I'm sentimental.  He's getting so big so fast and with the crib all the way down, how can I kiss his sweet face good night?!  Sigh.

hey mom?!  what are you doing in here?!   busted  ;)

so sweet, just playing contently by himself