Sunday, February 13, 2011

3 Months

3 months old!, 13.3 lbs, 24 1/4" long and handsome as can be  ;)

Nolan has been keeping us busy this month! He's definitely a growing boy and is much more alert and attentive these days. He's starting to really like looking at toys and faces and he's smiling a lot more! 

He's also much more vocal and loving that he's learned to pull his legs up and kick!  (you'll probably have to go to the blog to watch the video below)

This month also marked some other firsts:  Nolan's first (hopefully of many!) Packers superbowl victory!!!! Go PACK!

Also, Nolan's first attendance at a professional sports game.  We went to a Trailblazers game with some friends we made in our birth class.  Courtney and Michael have a 2 month old little girl, Stella.  They invited us to the game with them as they had free club-level tickets.  This turned out to be great!  It was nice to be out with friends who understand what having a baby is like but also when the crowd got too loud Courtney and I were able to sneak out to the club level lobby with the babies for a break, free snacks and we could still watch the game on tv. 

We are still struggling with a pretty fussy little guy trying to sort out his reflux, milk and soy protein allergies and we recently found out he also has pylorospasms.  We discovered this during an upper GI x-ray study when we watched him swallow 6 oz of barium, yuck!  Anyway, the muscle at the bottom of his stomach is spasming causing his stomach to take too long to empty.  Milk just sits in his stomach and mixes with his stomach acid and if it doesn't go down it comes up burning along the way.  Ouch!  So...add that to the mix and his tummy is still a mess.  The good news is he's getting older and gaining weight well and he should grow out of all of these things in time.  We just changed his reflux medicine again and he's had a really good couple of days, so fingers crossed that things will stay that way!  We are really, really thankful to have such a healthy, beautiful little boy and not a day goes by that we don't thank God for him! 

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