Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 2011 and 5 Months old

I'm sorry I'm so behind on posting. April has been a busy month for the Schabows! Look at this total cuteness!! Nolan is growing like a weed and starting to show off his little personality.

Nolan is finally feeling much better and spending more time being happy than not these days.  It's a huge relief and in a way it feels like we are just really getting to know him because of it.  At 5 months, Nolan has just learned to roll from back to front.  He's loving exploring his toys and is getting really good at sitting up supported.  He found his toes this month and that's been super adorable - but now really challenges me during diaper changes  ;)

Nolan LOVES his bath time and is a ferocious kicker!

Nolan and I also took a trip to visit my family this April.  Nolan got to swim in a swimming pool for the first time.  He wasn't entirely sure what to think!  Here are a few pictures from our trip.

Here are some pictures of Nolan playing around with daddy this month too.  I feel like N is getting so big, but next to daddy he still looks pretty teeny!

And finally, here's a family photo from Nolan's first Easter!

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