Monday, July 16, 2012

We did it...

In a moment of simultaneous weakness and bravery (ok - I'm being overly dramatic...) we did it.  We got Nolan's hair cut.  Sigh.  I know it was long, but we really did love his baby curls. sniff.

Anyways, we headed out to a place known as Little Clippers to let the professionals handle what I thought would be a squirmy, protesting toddler.  Um, this place is awesome!!  It's a kid's haircut place disguised as kid heaven.  We got there early to let Nolan play and get acquainted with his surroundings.  They had a couple of cars for him to sit in.  And you can be sure he loved that!

hurry, hurry, drive the firetruck!

checkin' his "blind spot'

his *favorite* car was the Barbie car... only because it had doors.

he kept climbing in and out, opening and closing the doors and no way, no how was any other baby allowed in that car while Nolan was around  :)

making sure everything was running OK

They even had computer/gaming stations for big kids.  Aunt Ashley was right at home, ha ha!

Onto the actual hair cut.  I was so worried he'd have a hard time, but they were great there!  They were quick, friendly, he got to drive a car while having his hair cut, they had toys, they even played an Elmo dvd during his cut.   He did great! 

 uh oh - a brief moment of panic...
nothing that a toy train can't fix!

 ta-da!  "hey I look pretty good!"

and look at this, he even got a "My First Haircut" certificate and they attached a lock of his hair.  Don't mind his frown-face...he was upset that he couldn't get down and play  ;)

So yep, now my baby officially looks like a big boy.  And while I miss the baby curls, I think he looks pretty darned handsome!!


Oh, and here is a video of him getting his haircut if you want to watch :) 

You will notice in the video that he signs "all done" a number of times, but he still hung in there! 

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