Tuesday, June 29, 2010

17 weeks

Ok, so I know it's been a month. Sorry, really - but nothing worth writing about has been going on! I anticipate more posts as the pregnancy progresses and over the summer with all our trips and family/friend visits.

I heart summer - so glad it's here!! finally!! This was a record-breaking cold, wet spring for Portland and summer is still dragging it's heels a bit but overall the weather is finally nice. We're getting ready for my parents and sister to come visit next week and I'm hoping it warms up a bit as they seem to think Portland is never warm ;)

I'm 17 weeks pregnant today - wow - it's crazy to even write that! In some ways time has flown and in other ways it has crept. I've been in my 2nd trimester for a few weeks now and am just starting to get more energy. Enough energy that nesting is in full effect! I'm watching craigslist for used items and buying some things when I find deals (I'm an internet deals stalker if you didn't know!). And the biggest thing is that Steve and I spent all last weekend clearing out my office which will be the baby's room. There was SO. much. stuff!! Of course this also meant that we needed to organize Steve's office to make room for my stuff and clean out our storage closet to make room for more storage... Here are some pictures of what will be the baby's room. It's a blank slate now but we plan to paint later this summer and start some of the decorating. I thought about taking a picture of it as my office but couldn't bring myself to photograph the clutter. (oh and if anyone in pdx wants a full mattress and box spring let me know! they're a bit old and firm but free!)

I also went for my 16 week appointment last week. Little sprout's heartbeat is still at the high end of normal. (160 beats/min now) We go back soon to see the baby again and find out if it's a boy or girl. Steve feels pretty sure it's a boy. I have no clue but can't wait to find out!!

Ok, and here's the one thing you've all been waiting for I know (ha!) the debut photo of my baby bump taken today at exactly 17 weeks :)

And fun facts about the baby now:
  • he/she is about 5 inches long
  • weighs as much as a bar of soap
  • is storing fat
  • is beginning to get hair over his/her whole body
  • he/she can hear now! (hope he/she is ok with my super loud Glee sing-alongs in the car!)

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