Wednesday, August 4, 2010

(way late) re-cap of 18 weeks - July 6-13, 2010

So I'm posting this a month late - in true Christina fashion ;) But I really want to write about week 18 of my pregnancy because it was such a monumental week!

Here's a belly shot at 18 weeks.

Week 18 marked the first time I felt baby movements. They were mostly occasional, very light pops and or light tummy growling feelings. I wasn't sure at first if they were really the baby moving or just flukes, but it happened often enough that I was finally convinced it was baby!

Week 18 also marked our "BIG Ultra Sound"....This should be the last ultra sound we'll have and it checks for all sorts of developmental info: baby's size, are there 10 fingers/toes, bones of the legs arms, stomach cavity, are all 4 chambers of the heart ok, it looks at the spine, the brain, the baby's gender and even more I'm sure I'm forgetting. We were in the ultrasound for about 45 minutes and it was SO amazing. Our little peanut no longer looks like a peanut but a real baby! We saw the baby move his legs, reach up with his little hand and more. We were in awe of all the things we could see and I had silent tears running down my face for most of the exam. When it was all over, Steve literally put his hand over his heart and let out a huge sigh. It's funny how much you worry about your child from the very beginning. I'm told it never ends! ;)

Here is a picture of the baby.

The other big part of the ultra sound is of course finding out the baby's sex. We knew early on that we wanted to know (well, at least I did and Steve was open for whatever!). We also knew that we wanted to make finding out as special as possible, so we had did NOT find out at the doctor's office. We had the ultra sound tech tell us to turn away during the gender revealing portion and then she sealed a picture in an envelope for us. The next day (July 10) we took the envelope to the park and had a picnic breakfast so we could open the envelope in private. This was the money shot, ha ha!! (think looking up from inside the toilet) We're having a BOY!

I had not had any "gut instincts" of whether the baby was a girl or boy, but Steve had been convinced for awhile that it was a boy. Here's how that went down! Steve and I went to see The Eagles play a few months ago (yes we were the youngest people there, ha!). They started playing the song "Boys of Summer" and Steve instantly turned to me with a premonition of sorts and said "I know what it is! It's totally a boy! I remember listening to this song, driving down the road with my dad and I just know it's a boy - plus your dad has never had a boy to do 'boy things' with!". From that moment he has been convinced and even referred to the baby as "our son" a few times! Well, he was right and I'll always remember his first "daddy instinct". So excited that we're going to be parents to a little guy :)

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