Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

This Christmas we had anticipated staying home with Nolan because we figured he'd be no more than 2-3 weeks old at Christmas. But, since he was a bit older than expected we were able to travel with him after all. About 3 weeks before Christmas we lucked out and found reasonably priced tickets to fly to San Antonio. We only told my parents we were coming and we braved the airports on Christmas Eve to surprise the rest of my family by showing up on Christmas morning.

Nolan did a great job on the flights!! Way better than we expected. He slept and ate pretty much the whole day. His grandma Schabow had a conversation with him via skype the week before and told Nolan to be a good boy on the flights and he listened ;)

all packed up and ready to travel!

snuggling with daddy on the plane

We got to my parents house around midnight on Christmas Eve and woke my sister up from a sound sleep. She was so surprised and a bit out of it trying to figure out what was going on!

sneakin' in

The next morning, Steve, Nolan and I hid in a back room to surprise the rest of my family when they arrived for Christmas festivities. They had no idea we were coming and I think our surprise made their Christmas!

check out these faces!

We've had no shortage of volunteers to hold and snuggle with Nolan. Here he is with my pappaw who is 90 years old this year!

great Aunt Anita and Uncle Bill

with all the girls!

napping with great grandma
posing with Aunt Ashley
proud grandma and grandpa
We've had a great time and a fast week with my family. We head home tomorrow (Friday) and I'm nervous again about flying with Nolan, so think of us!! Then just a few days and grandma and grandpa Schabow come to visit! Yay!! We can't wait!

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