Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nolan's first two weeks

Wow, Nolan is 2 weeks old!

These past two weeks have been the fastest, bluriest, most fantastic and exhausting 2 weeks ever!

We went to the pediatrician the other day for Nolie's 2 week check up. Nolan did great! The doctor says he's looking good and his weight gain is outstanding!! In fact it's looking like Nolan will be a big boy! His birth weight (at 36 weeks, 1 day) was 6lbs 14oz. At his 2 week appointment, the pediatrician was surprised to discover than Nolan has already greatly surpassed his birth weight and now weighs 7.5 pounds!! We weren't too surprised, this babe is an eater. Every three hours around the clock we have to wake him to nurse (which takes about 45 mins) and supplement with a bottle (usually 1.5-2 additional ounces). He literally spends a full 8 hours a day eating and he LOVES every minute of it! We're hoping to only have to bottle supplement for a few more weeks but we head to the nursing specialist on Friday so we'll see what she says.

We are all doing well and enjoying life as a family of three. Steve and I are definitely exhausted though. Nolan's feeding schedule takes a toll on all of us and makes getting out of the house with him nearly impossible. But we are all healthy and living in new baby bliss and we are SO thankful for that!!

We are also so thankful that my mom has been here to help. She has cooked, cleaned, done laundry, run errands, changed what seems like 1000 poopy diapers and so much more. I had no idea how difficult this time would be and I don't know how I would've stayed sane these last two weeks. Thank you mom!!

We can't wait for Nolie to spend time with ALL of his grandparents next month. That's when he'll get to meet his grandma & grandpa Schabow and my dad, sister and mom will come out in January too!

Nolan's first two weeks of life also included his first Thanksgiving. Steve's cousin Andrea and her family came to our house for Thanksgiving this year and Nolan got to meet his cousin Charlie (born just one month earlier than Nolan)

(John, Andrea, Charlie & us)

It's been an amazing 2 weeks! "hi" and love to you all!

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