Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Where has the summer gone?!

In true Christina fashion, I'm playing catch up on the blog. There may be a flurry of posts over the next few days.

Let's see, last I wrote was June and Nolan's 7 month birthday.  Flash-forward to today and little mister is 9 1/2 months old already.  Mercy!

July and August have both been pretty great.  We've spent time with grandmas, grandpas, great-grandma, cousins, aunts, uncles and every one in between.  We are so lucky to have such an amazing family support system.  I'm going to do a post on our trip to Wisconsin and my parent's trip out to Oregon very soon!!  But for now here are Nolan's 8 & 9 month pictures for you to enjoy.

Oh - and for those of you who knew about it, Nolan's surgery on Friday went well.  He had a tough, tough day or so.  I've never seen this boy so out of sorts and really in a lot of pain.  It was hard on us to not be able to comfort him.  I cried.  I admit it.  I cried the day before, at the hospital, and again once we were home and he was hurting so much.  I have such a better understanding of what our parents went through with us.  There is nothing more painful than knowing your child is hurting and there is little you can do.  But thankfully now 5 days later he's mostly back to his old self.  Diaper changes are still tough and he's sick again (strep for the 3rd, yes 3rd!! time this summer) but the surgery is healing just fine.  So thank you all for your thoughts & prayers! 

Ok, now for the good stuff! 

8 months old on July 13th

9 months old on August 13th - he's pulling up on everything now, so he's loving standing up on everything.   And don't you just love those rolly, polly thighs?!!  Too bad that's not considered cute on a gal of my age too  ;)

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