Sunday, August 28, 2011


We had a fabulous July!!  July started with a visit from Andrea, John and Charlie.  They came and stayed with us for the 4th of July.  We took the boys for a walk down on the water front on a gorgeous day and let the boys splash around in the pool.  Such fun!  We are sad they are moving back to the midwest.  We will miss them and getting the boys together.  Here are some photos from our weekend together.

Then in mid-July we took a trip back to Appleton to see family, baptize Nolan and introduce him all around!  What a special trip!!  So many great memories.  We had such fun with grandma and grandpa.  and Nolan got to meet his great grandma, cousins and many great aunts & uncles too.  There sure are a lot of people who love our little man (can you blame them?!)  Here are some highlights from our trip.

Let's start with the flight.  We were worried that Nolan would be a handful (he was over 20lbs already for Pete's sake!) but the flight went very, very well.  He slept some, snacked some, but was mostly enthralled by the TV in the back of the seat  ;)

grandma and grandpa greeted us at the airport

when we got back to the house, Kev, Logan and Autumn were waiting!  Hooray it was so fun to see them.  Autum has grown a ton and Logan is just the sweetest with both babies.  He and Nolan really had a connection  =)

While we were in town, we had Nolan baptized.  What a special day.  Nolan's godparents are Steve's uncle Andy and my sister Ashley.  Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Kev, Andy, Shelley & Jeremy all came to show their love! Here are some photos from the baptism. 

We also had a fish fry at great grandma's house while we were in town.  And we also got to go to grandpa's car show!!  Here are a few more pictures from our trip.  

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