Saturday, October 8, 2011


Nolan was 9 months old in August and 10 months old in the middle of September.

It's really starting to sink in that we have an almost 1 year old little boy!  He is no longer "army" crawling and is crawling around like a big boy. He is pulling up on everything and cruising around furniture like a champ.  He loves for mommy and daddy to hold his hands to help him walk around.  He just started signing MORE and DOG consistently.  He is doing all sorts of baby talk - babbling to himself in his own language.  He loves to test out his vocal cords with shrieks and snorts - usually when we are in a restaurant or someplace where he should be quiet.  He is just so funny!  But he's a really cautious and serious little guy too.  Whenever we go out strangers are always coming up to us and making sweet faces asking him "can you give me a smile?" and what not, but he just looks at them with the most serious look because he doesn't know them!  What a goof.  He is STILL a really big boy for his age and strangers are always bringing this to my attention as well  ;)  At 9 months the Dr. said he was the size of an 1.5 yr old - oy.  Waiters are always trying to give him crayons.  Ha ha! 

We have had such a wonderful, quick summer!  In my last post I wrote about our awesome trip to Wisconsin in July.  In August, my mom and dad came for a visit and in September Aunt Ashley came for a visit.  We've been so lucky to spend so much time with family this summer!  Here are some photo highlights from our August and September.

hiking backpack - not just for hiking!  great for washing dishes, vacuuming and more!  ;)

checking out the flowers with grandma

 Nolan loves to go to the park now

look at that hair, ha ha!

with auntie Ashley

snuggles with mama

checking out the fish at the zoo with auntie
When Ash was in town we went for an awesome hike in the gorge.  It took us about 3 hours and we saw three sets of stunning waterfalls.  I don't know how Steve managed to carry Nolan on his back that whole time, but he did!  It was great!!


Nolan also had several opportunities to splash in the water this summer! He loves splashing and walking through the water with daddy!


Kristin said...

He is getting so big and handsome!! enjoy!

Christina said...

thanks Kristin!!