Sunday, October 23, 2011

11 months

It's true!  Nolan is 11 months old now.  He's doing all sort of fun new things.  He's signing quite a bit.  His recent favorite signs are "lights" and "fan".  Whenever we walk into a store he looks up to see if there is a fan to tell us about!  All together, he is signing:  "more, dog, fan, light, ball, please" today he imitated "all done" and I think "mama".  It's super fun to connect with him this way and know what's on his little mind!  He is imitating sounds more often too and when you ask him what a cow says, he will tell you (in his way) "moo"!  Pretty darn cute.  He loves peek-a-boo and has started pulling blankets up over his own head when you ask "Where's Nolan?"  He's waving "hi" and "bye".  He's also getting closer to walking, pushing his little walking toy around the house.  But I still think it will be awhile before he walks on his own.  Thank goodness!  I can hardly keep up with him as is!  Here is his 11 months old picture.

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