Tuesday, April 6, 2010

And Baby Makes 3!!

Yep, you read it right! We are PREGNANT!!! I can hardly believe it. It's a huge secret right now (so I won't be publishing this on the actual day I'm writing it 4/6/10). It's been exactly one week since I first peed on a stick and saw the beautiful pink line. And while it's still really early, the line keeps getting darker, I've been confirmed by a blood test at the Dr.'s and we are just ecstatic! Our estimated due date is 12/8/10.

For those of you who didn't know, this has been a long ride for us. I know it's not as long as for some people, but when we started trying 10 months ago I really thought it would happen right away. I am a planner after all, so were were doing everything, ahem...correctly. ;) But it wasn't long before I just realized something wasn't right (I won't go into all the details). At first my doctor didn't really take me seriously as we are still young and the general rule of thumb is "give it a year". But after some blood tests, it was revealed that there were medical reasons for our difficulties conceiving. Long story short, it's been a really emotional year, but we are finally pregnant!! HOORAY!!

Today I am 4weeks 5 days pregnant and don't really have any symptoms which makes it even harder to believe this is real. In a really odd way I can't wait for morning sickness or some other symptoms to set in for some reassurance.

I promise to be a better blogger and will keep all the baby updates here. Hooray and CHEERS to 2010 and our Christmas Baby!

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